Jewess Carrie Fisher moves on and travels to wherever it is that jews go when they go – if they really go

I didn’t know if jews died or not. I mean the SOB’s lived through Zyklon B (cyanide) like champs, we hear the tales about it all the time – and some of them were dosed numerous times – at least that’s what we’re told. One or two whiffs of that stuff would stretch out a normal person into forever but evidently doesn’t even affect a joo. So seriously, really, you mean… joos die? Wow! And with the number of joos who supposedly survived the ‘Holocaust’ (capital “H”) – in the billions at least (and counting) … and then the ancient ones like Henry Kissinger, Murray Rothstein and George Soros who are all still alive – man, I just wasn’t sure. But yes… at least one of them seemed to have called it quits. Yes sir, G-d called one of them home. And how do I know this? I turned on my computer and man, while I wasn’t exactly sure what happened at first, I knew it was serious. I thought some Muslim or negro done assassinated Santa Claus or something. I‘m like man, this sht is like really, REALLY serious – look at those screaming headlines – wonder who got him. F! Santa Claus! Mr. Claus! Ohhh! He’s gone! The way Big Jew media was going at it I just wasn’t sure. Then, while not understanding exactly what went down, but realizing it wasn’t Santa – I thought – itz those Mexicans, perhaps Africans, Guatemalans, Mooslims, those sneaky Chinamen – or worse… maybe even all of them! Invading our country! And the media is screaming out those headlines to warn us! And the basterds got one of us – they killed somebody!! But no, that’s not what it was. You see, we’re not very smart people here. We have to figure every little thing out. And sometimes it takes us a lot of time to do that little bit of figgering. But I finally got it, it was a jewess they were upset over. Jewess Carrie Fisher. And that’s what ALL the Big Jewmedia… CNN, NBC, CBS, New York Times, TMZ, The Rolling Stone etc etc etc… were wailing about. Wow.

I never watched the Star Wars flicks she was in – so she wasn’t a heroine to me. All I really knew about her was she was jooish. And she tried to dump on Trump and that she spread for 1/2 jew Harrison Ford. At least she said she spread for him. I don’t know if she did or not, I wasn’t there, but she said she did. So I guess she did. But I am sure she tried to hit Trump. I remember that. But that’s all I really knew or know about her. I’m not going to say I’m glad she died or anything like that, but will say… I know all I want or need to know. Ya know?

Carrie Fisher, Donald Trump - EXpose Them All

Carrie Fisher died

Official Site

Nice jooish girl from the Bronx

Tried to hump on Trump

Spread for Harrison Ford

Net Worth

Jewish Star Wars


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